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Marshall B.
Location: Upper Arlngtn, OH
Fields I work in: Physics
Educational background: I have some college but I am mostly self-taught and learned from hands-on experience in those areas that I work in. I also learned directly through consultations with PhD physicists in the field and on the university level. I have 30 years experience doing advanced concept work in the area of video and audio technology, optics, and consciousness. I have nearly 20 years experience working in the area of the practical application of the extreme implications from quantum mechanics. My main area of research currently is temporal mechanics and I have a book proposal being shopped on the subject, which is the result of nearly 10 years of research dealing with issues relating to the nature of time such as special and general relativity, quantum mechanics and philosophy. My critical paper on the March 2010 Discover magazine cover story on causality and closed time-like curves, currently tops some search engines results for the Discover article. I am a seasoned lecturer and I also have professional endorsements from professors at the Ohio State University, Columbus State Community College and award winning author and physicist, Fred Alan Wolf, PhD. I am also a member of See my organization NLD page, SuperScience for High School Physics, at
I would like to help in: Elementary School, Middle School, High School
I can: Field Trips, Develop Projects
About me:

I already run a program that provides students with interactive, multi-media presentations on topics from the world of advanced concept science and technology. Some students that have participated have gotten official city and state recognitions for their work as a result. I began doing this back in 2005.


Projects I'm committed to

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This project needs scientists
This project needs scientists
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